Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tanja finally has a new website

Fall break. The temperatures are cooler and we can actually go outside here is sizzling Arizona. Izzy's home from school for two weeks. So what does that mean to this illustrator? Yup, let's re-create my entire website.

Ok, so there is more to it. I will be presenting at the Arizona Reading Association Conference in Flagstaff this weekend and needed to create some promotional flyers to hand out to interested parties. As I started creating the flyer, I wanted to make sure that it visually tied in with my new bookmark for branding purposes. However, my bookmarks moved away from the visuals that I was using on my current site. Uh, oh - do you see where this was going? There is method to my madness.

Above is the old look. I liked it, but the site needed a lot of work. I wanted a cleaner look and wanted to add lots of different areas, so an entire re-design was in order. After a long week with lots of long nights, and a skipped life drawing class (sorry Mr. M) here is the new look:

I added a bunch more reference materials, a school visit and presentation section, added new artwork, re-vamped my books page and more. I like this configuration much better seeing that adding more things will now be much easier.
Take a gander through the site and let me know what you think and if there are any areas that could need impovement.
Happy drawing to all.

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